Favorite Links

Backpacking blogs
     Barefoot Jake
Bedrock & Paradox
     The Big Trip
     The Hoofist 
     Inside the Mountain's Skin 
     Jan's Jaunts and Jabberings
     JERMM's outside
     The New Nomads
     Oceanic Wilderness
     Pathfinder's 2013 AT Journal
     Section Hiker
     Stick's Blog
     Susan's Pacific Crest Trail Adventure

Learn about hammocks
     Hammock Forums -all about hammocks and DIY gear
     Just Jeff's Hammock Camping Page
     The Ultimate Hang
     Shug's Hammock How-to videos

     The Trail Show -awesome hiking podcast, "less gear, more beer"
     Radio Lab  -good for listening at night in the hammock
     This American Life -good for listening on the drive to the trailhead
     The Dirtbag Diaries -leading an adventurous life
     Trail Runner Nation -Don't be fooled by the name- sure they focus on ultrarunning, but so much of this is relevant to backpacking- like training, form, mental aspects, and endurance.  Love this!

Get out there, Ladies!
      Step Outdoors -guided trips in Colorado with the awesome Stacy Boone
      Trail Dames Website -hiking club for women, chapters in GA, MD, NC, and more
      Washington Women Outdoors -DC women's hiking club (I used to hike with these ladies)
      WE2 Empowerment- Michele's Self Defense Classes and other programs

Hike (resources for Georgia and North Carolina trails)
      Bartram Trail Society
      Benton Mackaye Trail Association
      Foothills Trail Conference
      Georgia Hikes -maps and elevation profiles
      Local Hikes -hikes and trails around Atlanta
      Sherpa Guides -hike descriptions, directions to the trailheads

Learn about nature
      Georgia Botanical Society -informative trips and resources
      Nature Ramblers -Weekly nature walks at the State Botanical Gardens of Georgia
      Nature's Notebook -information about Southern Appalachian plants, animals, insects
      Online Mushroom Identification 
      Wildflower/Plant Index -pictures of local plants sorted by name, season, and trail
      What's That Bug?  -insect identification
La Sal Mountains, Utah.