Favorite Links

Backpacking blogs
Bedrock & Paradox
     The Hoofist 
     Inside the Mountain's Skin 
     Jan's Jaunts and Jabberings
     Oceanic Wilderness
     Pathfinder's 2013 AT Journal
     Section Hiker
     Susan's Pacific Crest Trail Adventure

Learn about hammocks
     Hammock Forums -all about hammocks and DIY gear
     Just Jeff's Hammock Camping Page
     The Ultimate Hang
     Shug's Hammock How-to videos

     The Trail Show -awesome hiking podcast, "less gear, more beer"
     Radio Lab  -good for listening at night in the hammock
     This American Life -good for listening on the drive to the trailhead
     The Dirtbag Diaries -leading an adventurous life
     Trail Runner Nation -Don't be fooled by the name- sure they focus on ultrarunning, but so much of this is relevant to backpacking- like training, form, mental aspects, and endurance.  Love this!

Get out there, Ladies!
      Step Outdoors -guided trips in Colorado with the awesome Stacy Boone
      Trail Dames Website -hiking club for women, chapters in GA, MD, NC, and more
      Washington Women Outdoors -DC women's hiking club (I used to hike with these ladies)
      WE2 Empowerment- Michele's Self Defense Classes and other programs

Hike (resources for Georgia and North Carolina trails)
      Bartram Trail Society
      Benton Mackaye Trail Association
      Foothills Trail Conference
      Georgia Hikes -maps and elevation profiles
      Local Hikes -hikes and trails around Atlanta
      Sherpa Guides -hike descriptions, directions to the trailheads

Learn about nature
      Georgia Botanical Society -informative trips and resources
      Nature Ramblers -Weekly nature walks at the State Botanical Gardens of Georgia
      Nature's Notebook -information about Southern Appalachian plants, animals, insects
      Online Mushroom Identification 
      Wildflower/Plant Index -pictures of local plants sorted by name, season, and trail
      What's That Bug?  -insect identification
La Sal Mountains, Utah.