Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY Hiking Skirt

DIY hiking skirt
I love hiking in skirts.  They are comfortable, and perfect for easy peeing.   Store bought hiking skirts lacked certain, essential features (i.e. big pockets, scientifically accurate flower prints, glitter).  Thankfully, my mom taught me how to sew.  I made a pattern from a skirt that fits well (Melanzana mini skirt).  Rather than getting material from the fabric store, I cut up old shirts, since I'm trying to reuse and recycle more, and sew more of my own gear.

My first skirt was orange fleece.  When I wear my wool long johns under it, static electricity builds and it clings.  But I consider this a "feature" to improve insulation, though I imagine it looks silly.

My second skirt has:
   -Purple glitter thread!
   -Thin, low-profile, elastic waistband is comfy beneath a hipbelt.
   -Zipper pocket in the back for car keys.
   -Cargo pockets with prints of whorled pogonia orchid and trillium.  I xeroxed the images out of my wildflower guidebook, and made the prints on a gocco printer borrowed from a friend (made them a few years ago, but these were leftovers from an old project).

Now, I've got a fancy new outfit for the spring wildflower season.

Whorled pogonia orchid pocket.
Zipper pocket in the back.  Weird fabric leftovers, but I can't see it so who cares?


  1. Thanks for sharing this project! I found your blog while googling "hiking skirt pattern" because I'm planning to make one of my own. Yours looks great- very functional! Great inspiration for my project (I'm still in the scheming phase). Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Megan, glad this was useful to you. This skirt is still my favorite design, especially with the large pockets. I'm thinking of making another one that's lighter for summer sometime soon. Good luck with making your skirt, and let me know how it turns out. It sure is rewarding to wear stuff you've made.

  3. Oh wow! I was like "hmm, hiking pants are p*ssing me off, I wonder what I would look like in a skirt.." and you answered my question because you kind of look exactly like me. Your skirt is awesome, I like the pockets, and I like the orange skirt too! Looks super comfy.. maybe I COULD wear something like that..

  4. Haha- totally know what you mean about hiking pants- they are so annoying. Definitely give hiking in a skirt a try. Funny I never met anyone who looked like me even a little. Maybe we are long lost relatives. :)

  5. hey! I found your blog and huzzah! I also went looking for hiking skirt patterns and found you. Also, those gaiters... love!

    1. Hi Jaynefury- Glad you found the skirt information you were looking for! I've also posted the entire pattern here:
      Just in case you didn't see that link already. Oh I've been meaning to write up how I sew the gaiters one of these days too. Phew where does the time go I probably won't get to that anytime soon. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  6. So lovely! I like the idea of the xeroxed wildflowers!