Thursday, August 1, 2013

Flying high

***Just gonna warn you- non-backpacking related content this week.***

Only had time for a dayhike (with no photos of flowers- sorry) because this weekend was the show at my aerial dance studio.  The show included performances representing the whole Canopy Studio community- from beginners who'd been taking class for only a few months to members of the repertory company.  I hope that watching this full spectrum allowed the audience to be inspired to try a class or workshop.  It's so fun to play up in the air, and you build enormous strength and flexibility.
Photo by S. Montgomery
Our insect-themed slings piece makes me so proud because of its creativity, though last year's piece had more impressive tricks, and our spring piece had fun doubles work.  What I loved about this piece was that our crazy antics cracked me up every time we practiced.

Our choreography was a collaborative effort- each of us invented tricks, and then we melded them together.  As they morphed they took on a richness greater than the individual parts.  When my classmates made up moves I couldn't do at first, I had the fiercest determination to master them.  If our instructors had given us that level of material, I think I'd have protested.
Can you identify which insects inspired our costumes?
I loved performing with my three wonderful classmates/ friends.  It is immensely satisfying to move together as a group.  But it wasn't always easy to coordinate our movements.  Due to trick difficulty and fickleness of fabrics/humidity/sweat, we never knew if we'll get a foot caught or slip out of a wrap.  Glances out of the corner of our vision assessed if all were together.  We spoke volumes in just a quick look-- "let's go NOW! or "slow down so we can catch up!"   We knew one another's tough spots, and mentally cheered each other on-- yes you can do it!  Go-go-go!   We were only as awesome as our collective success (which is one similarity this has to a group backpacking trip).

Here is video of the last part of our piece:

It was all over so quickly.  Months of work, extra practices, countless emails, hours of early mornings painting costumes, so many weekends of trips cut short so I could run back for more practices.  All for two- five minute moments.  But oh so worthwhile to be bad-ass and fearless, and to have created something unique.

Next week, back on the trail...



    All blogs need something different every now and then, thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice to see someone use a B-52's song! I enjoyed your piece. :)

  3. Thanks, Missy! I was was thrilled when Julie suggested this song-- so much fun to move to the B-52's.