Thursday, November 28, 2013


After deciding to attempt to hike the PCT next year, one of the most incredible things has been getting help and advice from some truly wonderful people.  I've learned a huge amount and continue to be amazed by how willing people are to share their knowledge.  Friends, family, hiking buddies, and the internet hiking community- you all sure makes my life feel much richer.  I had no idea I'd get this level of support.  So this Thanksgiving, I just want to tell you all that I'm so thankful for you.  <hugs>

For example...

How will I recharge my iPhone for my upcoming PCT trip?  I plan to use the phone as camera and GPS (in conjunction with paper maps) to save weight.  But as a weekend backpacker who has always used paper maps and a separate camera on the trail, I felt like I had a lot to learn.

Several knowledgeable friends have been helping me out.  They shared which batteries or solar chargers that they use and the pros and cons of different systems.  Leave it to an electrical engineer to give me this answer:
Ask the time of day, learn to build a clock. Special thanks to Peter for this one.
This shows why charging the iPhone battery when it gets down to about 20% and bring it up to 80% to saves about 10% overall.   Gadgets and gear come and go, but if you understand the science- basics of electricity in this case- then you can go a lot further.  I'm so thankful when people are patient with me and take the time to share this level of detail.
Learning to use the iphone as a GPS, with a lot of help.

Trying out the new iphone photo app and HDR functions recommended by another friend.


  1. Joan, what GPS Iphone app do you use? kat

  2. Gaia GPS. Here is a info about using the iphone as a GPS: