Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 162- Near Glen Aulin

Day 162, 9/17/14
966 to 948
18 miles

Exciting wildlife sighting today.  A frog!!!  Perhaps you might think the bobcat and bears I’ve seen are pretty cool.  But this ranked right up there.  Don’t see many frogs.  Not sure I’ve seen one at all before this on the PCT.  Not like back in Georgia.  So, I spent a good half hour sitting on the shore of Miller Lake, just watching it.  And listening to the lapping sounds of the waves on the pebble sand beach.  Then the frog hopped into the water and swam off, strong leg kicks, then out of sight.  And I can just sit and watch a frog and I think that is one of the most wonderful things about being out here now that I’m not trying to get to Canada anytime soon. 
Exciting wildlife!
Stopping to smell the Mimulus.

Today I met Sea Turtle and Tortoise who are working on their senior year project doing a film about their adventure on the PCT.  They radiated positive energy and enthusiasm, and I sure hope I run into them again.  Check out their facebook page.
SeaTurtle and Tortoise
In the evening, I arrived at Glen Aulin in Yosemite, which is a High Sierra Camp, but it smelled bad, full of horse poop.  So I kept hiking, hoping I’d find something soon because camping isn’t permitted within 4 miles of Tuolumne Meadows so I needed to find something quick.
View from the bridge near Glen Aulin.
After crossing over a bridge and gazing at the sunset view (wow!) I saw a sign for Lake McGee in 0.8 miles.  Fastest 0.8 miles I’ve done in a while, in fading light.  Then, climbed up the hillside for a view and so I’d be away from the lake.  The wind died down and I slept soundly once again.

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