Sunday, March 22, 2015

AZT Day 15-Past I-10

Miles 111.7 to 101.9 (Lakes Road)
Arizona Trail Passage 7
9.8 miles

Another pre-dawn start for our short day.  Back on our third day on the Arizona Trail, when we were unused to these desert landscapes, I remember having a hard time finding the beauty out here. But now, after living immersed in all of this, we've adapted, grown comfortable, and we see beauty all around us.
Loving these Arizona skies!
Look at the beauty in these spines!
What a crazy gorgeous sky!
Getting lost in the shapes and colors.
Softness of buds surrounded by spines.
While we took a long break in the shade near Twin Tanks stock pond, we met Trail Dancer, a northbound AZT hiker.  I'd never met him, but he hiked the PCT last year and we had some mutual trail friends including Tent Stakes and SlowBro. Love this small (hiking) world!  Also, he is a fellow hammock hanger--yay!
Twin tanks stock pond looks enticing from a distance.
But it was pretty gross water.
My parents picked us up at the end of the section here at Lakes Road. I'm ready for fresh food and clean socks, and Jan is looking forward to a break.  We are doing town chores and getting ready for the next section.  Can't believe we've only got a hundred miles to go.  I don't want this to end!


  1. Boy howdy what an adventure. Such beauty.

  2. Boy howdy? Sounds like home ladyonarock.

  3. Glad to hear that Trail Dancer is still going strong. Very interesting guy.
    Loving your AZT updates. Sorry I'm a little late to this party, but I love reading about your adventures.

    1. We only got to chat with Trail Dancer a short time, but it was fun comparing notes on the PCT and he said you too finished together. Love this small hiking community world.