Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Day 31- Timberline Lodge

Day 31- Timberline Lodge

Oregon PCT Section G
2094 (Timberline Lodge) to 2089 (Barlow Pass)
5 miles

Woke up well rested at Timberline Lodge and watched the morning light glow off Mt Hood sitting on comfy chairs. Another vacation from vacation. 
Warming up to hot drinks in the lodge's main room
The famous all you can eat breakfast buffet was as good as they say.
View from Timberline Lodge
But I thought the best part, as you would guess, was catching the last ranger talk of the season. It focused on how the WPA built Timberline Lodge and how it put all those unemployed people to work during the Great Depression. The ranger highlighted details of the craftsmanship (that I missed from just briefly walking around)- pointing out the wrought iron work and how the giant pillars were made of ponderosa pine and the balcony where Roosevelt dedicated the lodge on Sept 28 1937
Stonework and craftsmanship of the lodge
The talk really brought the whole place to life. We also learned that the women of WPA hand crafted the rugs out of old worn out CCC uniforms. Talk about recycling!

It really made me appreciate the lasting legacy of this WPA program and the handwork of all those men and women. 

In the afternoon, Renee and I headed down the mountain. Seeing Timberline Lodge get smaller and smaller in the distance, we could see how massive this stratovolcano is in comparison.  
Heading out of Timberline Lodge down the sandy trail
We had a nice easy day- just five miles to camp at Barlow Pass- with outhouse and picnic table, though the roar of traffic was heard into the wee hours.  But I somehow can sleep through anything in the comfort of my hammock. As much as I enjoy a night indoors and the history and beauty of Timberline Lodge, it feels good to be back in the simplicity of the forest and my little hammock home.
Home sweet home.

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