Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 24. Wrightwood

363 to 368

A beautiful six mile hike as the sun rose.  I lingered at the vistas.  I was glad I camped where I did- there was a busy camping area and burn area afterwards.  But where I camped was quiet and the trees provided shelter.
Sunrise over the burn area.
 The red of the sunlight lit everything up and looked like someone went wild with spray paint.
First rays of sunlight are bright red.
The road crossing for Hwy. 2 is where we hitch into Wrightwood.   I got there at 7:30 AM- no traffic! But after waiting a while who else but Granny drives up!!! She was taking MeToo up to another trailhead, and I went along for the ride.  It was great hearing about the next section of trail from MeToo, and I really enjoyed seeing Granny again.  Then she dropped me and Hog off in Wrightwood. Thanks once again Granny!!! 

Had a delicious breakfast at Evergreen with Hog and then Pathfinder joined us- yay!
Pathfinder and Hog.
In town, it was busy with getting breakfast, laundry, resupply, looking at maps, phone calls, and getting fresh food at the Farmers Market- we lucked out visiting town on a Friday.
Blue Yonder and Pathfinder.
I'm not going to take a zero day tomorrow.   Most everyone else is staying here (including Pathfinder who I've hiked with since the start) but I'm eager to get back on the trail.


  1. I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures, Joan! Just caught up on the last few posts. You're making me vicariously happy. Continue to enjoy all that beautiful outdoors on behalf of those stuck in offices right now! But maybe I can figure out how to do a short hike soon... :-)

    1. Hi Tara!!! WOW great to hear from you! So glad you're enjoying reading about this trip- yeah I do think I'm so fortunate to not be stuck in an office right now, especially on Monday mornings. Thought of you the other day while we were wading around in a stream and wiggling our toes in the happy mud. :) Talk to you later!!!

  2. Hey Hemlock, looks like you're making as well as having a great time. You're not that far behind me. I'm camped near mile 566. – SlowBro

    1. Hi SlowBro! Yes, having a great time for sure. Been reading your blog at every stop- you've got great info on the trail and conditions. Just got into Agua Dulce today. Hope to run into you at some point on the trail.