Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 42. Zero in Kennedy Meadows

Kennedy Meadows is an incredible place perfect for hikers.  It's been so fun taking a zero day today. Focused first on chores.  I've done laundry, had an outdoor shower, and eaten burgers and pints of Ben & Jerry's.  Picked up my bear canister and microspikes, plus a ton of great food sent from Mom and Dad.

Living the dream... 
This is the place where hikers hang out before taking on the snow and high elevations in the Sierra.  There is much excitement because a storm is coming through, dropping more snow on Forester Pass and possible rain and snow all around.  Some of my hiking buddies headed out into it- Whitewater and Ninja Tank among others.  I'll miss hiking with those guys but I'm not going to keep trying to keep up with them.  I was so thrilled to hike with them as long as I did- really wonderful guys who watched out for me, taught me a ton, challenged me to hike further than I thought I could, and made hiking through the heat and sand a total blast.  Hopefully I will see them again somewhere up the trail.  

I'm waiting another night here and then hiking out with Blue Yonder and MeToo.  We will hike a couple days and will go out to Lone Pine- it definitely makes me feel better knowing we will be going to town so I won't be carrying as much food as the others that are heading strait through.  I hope this will be easier on my feet.

There are many hikers around.  I was especially delighted to finally meet SlowBro, a fellow hammock hanger who I've emailing. It was great talking to him in person and seeing his hammock setup, and geeking out about gear.  What a great guy!  

SlowBro shows me his hammock setup.
Susan (now called Rewind, see her blog here) who is a long time friend from Atlanta and who I started the trail with was here too.  She was waiting four days for her resupply box to arrive- I was so happy seeing her briefly before she headed back out to the trail.

So interesting how we hikers run into each other over and over again along the trail.  How we might not see one another for weeks, but then run into one another again.  So sweet to be part of this mobile community.

Anyway, internet service is expected to be sporadic in the Sierra, so don't expect regular updates for a while. I'll catch up with you all when I can.


  1. Good luck in the Sierras. I've been enjoying your journal updates.

  2. My wife and I are hiking in over cottonwood pass on Saturday to soldier lakes and back out on Sunday. Horseshoe meadows area. By chance if that is where and when you guys need a ride to lone pine please let me know. Be glad to help.

  3. Omg yes that might really really help! WOW. We plan to be in Lone Pine Friday to pick up boxes at the PO. Then need a ride back to cotton wood pass. So please if it works out we would love a ride!!! My email is Joan.a.west@gmail.com.

  4. Joan, I've so been enjoying all your posts (and amazed at how frequently you've been able to post!!)

    The best is yet to come ... enjoy the Seirras!!

  5. Have fun in the Sierras Joan. Look forward to your next post.

    1. Thanks, Harriett! It's been incredible so far!

  6. Been great following your journal and reliving the PCT. Are you switching to your winter UQ for this section (I had noticed that you had both your Yeti, and Winter Yeti listed in your gear list)?

    Keep rockin'!

    Beardoh! (Chop on HF)

    1. I brought the 3 season yet, but have supplimented my bottom insulation with a 1/4 inch grey foam pad that I picked up from a hiker box. Cut it to about a 2x2 foot square, and use it under my shoulders and back. Has kept me sufficiently warm so far, though it's only been into the mid-20's. So far so good.

      Great to hear from you- your posts on Hammock Forums really helped encourage me to bring my hammock on the PCT. SO very glad I did, it's working great and I sleep so well. Plus, it's been fun finding sites, especially when I've had to get creative (like a one tree hang and hanging from a corral). Cheers and thanks for commenting!!! :)

    2. Excellent Joan! Will keep following along...and check in once you have hit Tuolumne to see if you stayed warm :) Keep it up.

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    1. Actually a double cheeseburger. MMMHAAAAAA!!!!!

  8. Joan, I love reading your trip reports.
    You have been to some incredible places and thanks to your pictures, I have too!