Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 12. San Jacintos

183 to 191

The San Jacinto Wilderness is absolutely stunning.  A 10,000 foot high mountain covered in pines rising up out of the desert. 
Pathfinder in the San Jacinto.
From Idyllwild, we road walked a mile to the Deer Springs Trail, and climbed 4 miles to the PCT at mile 183 at Strawberry Junction.
Huge boulders!
There were huge granite boulders and enormous trees, and we kept saying our usual "wow!" Pathfinder wasn't feeling well so we kept a slow pace and didn't make many miles.  I tried not to be frustrated cause I know how much it sucks to not feel well.  And the good thing was we had more time for gawking at the views.
Gazing at the huge trees.
Major snow traverse.
I'd hoped we would run into some snow on Fuller Ridge, and we did! A few small patches here and there, but we made the most of it.  My snow angel attempt didn't work since it was too icy.   But we got in a few kick steps (gotta practice the snow moves we learned back in March during our snow course) and we did great on our traverses of the 5 feet to snow that covered the trail.
Packed in hard boiled eggs for an Easter dinner, and watched the sunset. Hanging in my hammock at mile 191.
Sunset at mile 191
 Stampeed just caught up with us and is setting up camp here too. Said Halfmile's alternate was great and the directions easy to follow. Now I almost wish I'd tried it, though I know taking a zero was really good for my feet.  Oh well, I guess I'll have to go back and do that section whenever they reopen it.  Don't like the feeling of having missed a section.
Hardboiled egg on Easter dinner.


  1. I can't believe how well you have been blogging about your trip so far! its been really, really fun to hear the daily updates. It sounds like you are having a blast!

    1. Writing has been a good way to end the day. and I really enjoy sharing the experiences with you all. the only thing that is frustrating with blogging on the trail is that I can't check the photos on a computer screen to see how they look and I can't correct the formatting- oh well at least the important things are all there. :)

  2. I NEED to get up to the San Jacintos seems like the perfect time of year to go! And I only live about an hour and a half a way...I have no excuse! Your pictures, as always, are beautiful, and I'm loving the fact that it seems like you've been able to find hammock sites every night (except for the one that you chose to go to the ground). You rule! And don't feel guilty about not doing the road walk - highway 74 is sketchy as fuuuuu- well, you know what I mean. =) Happy hiking!

  3. I loved the San Jacintos!!! Definitely check them out. This is one place I'm definitely returning to hopefully in the fall.