Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 8. OMG I'm actually hiking the PCT

101 to 115.5

Walking up to Eagle Rock this morning, it really hit me- I'm actually hiking the PCT. Eagle Rock is one of the most recognizable landmarks in this first section (besides the monument at the border). I knew what it looked like from photos, but being there myself, I felt such a connection to all the other PCT hikers that have come before me. When I read other hikers' trail journals, I would see their photos of Eagle Rock and try to imagine what it would be like to be a PCT hiker. When I looked at the photo of myself at Eagle Rock, it really struck me that I am treading in the footsteps of so many others.
Eagle Rock
I think about the people that pioneered this trail and those that were the first to hike it. I think about how this is the same path taken my all my hiking heroes and the famous hikers I so admire. The 2014 PCT hikers that started before me are up ahead- they walked this trail. I see footprints of a new friend I just met today and realize I'm starting to notice people's shoes and can recognize their footprints. I think about all the footprints over time, and it makes me so happy to be part if this.
Footsteps on the PCT
It is slowly sinking in that I'm actually hiking this beautiful wonderful trail that I've been dreaming about and reading about for years. It feels like waking from a wonderful dream only to find that reality is even more wonderful than what you had been imagining.
Near Eagle Rock.

Today we went to Warner Springs to pick up our first resupply boxes. There was also a community center set up for PCT hikers with everything we could want- meals for $5, a great selection of inexpensive trail food, bathrooms, computers, and outlets to charge electronics.  Many hikers were hanging out, trading food, and making plans for the next section. We made it to section B- yay a new set of maps.
Picking up my first resupply box at the post office in Warner Springs.
Hanging at the last crossing of Agua Calente Creek, mile 115.5. Frogs are chirping and the air smells crisp and fresh. Another great day!


  1. Hurrah for your hiking the the PCT! I am enjoying your blog. : ) Diane

  2. I remember getting to know other hikers by their boot prints! And I also remember the feeling of getting places on the AT and FT I'd only see in journals and it was so different from what I'd imagined (good and bad).

    1. So cool to hear those are universal things! The setting of Eagle Rock was not at all what I thought- way more beautiful. :)