Friday, September 16, 2016

Day 12- Our first 20 miler

Day 12- Our first 20 miler, Washington PCT Section K

2526 to 2546 (Miners Creek)

After seemingly endless rain the past few days, after a few sprinkles this morning, a break in the rain! 
Hiking through rain towards a break in the clouds
 The sun even made brief but moral-boosting appearances. A few sprinkles on and off keep us from taking it for granted. Feet and hiking clothes remained damp, but I can't recall ever feeling so appreciative of being not chilled and not completely soaking.
Taking a break in the sunshine, but still wearing our dank raingear
 I'm proud of us though for doing this many back to back days of rain where we can't dry out gear. I'm proud my hammock patch held and my finger wound seems to be stable/ not infected yet. We've managed to keep out sleep clothes and sleeping gear dry. And today socks got washed- ah what satisfaction to put on damp but cleanish socks- a true luxury of life.

Along the Suiattle River, ancient towering trees were the highlight of the day. Majestic, rising to sky-soaring! Ah trees!
Jan in the company of giants
 Near a sign for a fire closure at a trail junction, ironically enough, two PCT hikers stopped to put out an unattended campfire another group left. Jan and I donated all our water to help put it out. Thanks so much to Green Bean and the other hiker for being so responsible to take the time to prevent another forest fire. Please note that even with all the rain, campfires can smolder for days and conditions change and dry quickly. If you have a campfire, you must make sure it is cool to the touch when you leave camp.

The objective of the day was making enough miles to get to the Stehekin Post Office in two days before it closes for the weekend. Breaks and stopping to take in the views were cut short. Instead of hiking behind Jan, I walked ahead and set a 2 mph pace when we needed to get going. It all paid off but I did miss our lollygagging.

20 miles today! Including nearly 5000 feet gain and a whooping 5900 foot drop- downhill being harder for me given my feet. After such a hard day yesterday, I am amazed and delighted that we pulled this off.


  1. Thanks for the fire message. We respond often to human caused fires from campfires that didn't get put out.

    1. I wish more people understood just how many of the fires are human caused.

  2. Those trees are incredible. And they're vertical, which for me was a welcome change :-)

    1. Vertical and perspective is astounding.