Friday, September 23, 2016

Day 20- Solo sobo

Day 20- Solo sobo (Southbound!)
Washington PCT Section I
Snoqualime Pass (2390) to 2369
21 miles

Jan drops me off at Snoqualime Pass. She is heading off to heal from her foot injury, and I will be hiking southbound solo. Will I meet other southbound hikers? Everyone around seems to be going north.

Just me.
 "Don't you know theres a storm coming?" they all say as the stream of nobos rush by, heading into town.

It's one thing to get caught in a storm. Its another to deliberately set iff into it. I'm setting off into it. Why?

The clouds come like a cloak across the sky.
One hiker tells me that there is s cabin in 40 miles so if I hike fast maybe I can dry off there the second day of the storm. But she is a bit uncertain about it and I can't tell the story for sure.  She says I'll have to ask permission of a guy who is staying there and maybe he will let me stay there. 

My legs swing wild and free and I find myself hiking fast now that I am solo. I skip rest breaks even though I know my feet will hate me for it. The rhythm of my legs synchs with my breath. Even though I know I'm missing the scenery, I focus on the motion, moving and crusing and flowing down the trail. It makes my legs and heart feel good, but oh my poor feet. Why cant my feet and kegs agree to a pace?
Feet say they are ready for a swim!
A swim in Mirror Lake takes my mind off everything and feels good on the feet. The cold jolts me into the present. Afterwards. I wonder if this will be my last swim-- I notice how quickly my mind leaps forward into the world of what ifs. It's so cold I can barely stand it and it takes longer for me to warm back up and I know the weather is changing now.

No idea why they call it Mirror Lake.
 I try to soak in the views while I can still see. I try to stop and smell the flowers. The mountains to the north I went through what seems like so long ago. Rainier to the south- will it be obscured by clouds when I get there?

All bright and sunny... for now...
 The rain starts falling during the night. Here it comes. What am I doing, choosing this?

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  1. Take breaks for your feet and your heart. I speak to myself as much as you.
    I skipped breaks and covered frequent longish distances whilst hiking.All the way to plantar fasciitis so now I am trying to learn slower shorter distances. But....your trip sounds amazing and maybe the sensible walking can wait.Take care.