Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Day 8- Starting Section K

Day 8- Starting Section K
Stevens Pass (2461) to Wenatchee Pass (2479)

At Stevens Pass, Jan and I went into town for rest and food. The highlight of Skykomish was the library where I studied field guides and dowloaded plant and lichen identification resources while watching the rain fall outside. At the Cascadia Inn, I took hot baths to make up for not swimming. It was important for my feet to get rest, but I was glad to get back on the trail today.
Anish, Jan, and Joan at Stevens Pass 
Jan and I were thrilled that Anish gave us a ride to the trail from town and hiked a few miles with us. I was nervous since we hike slow, but quickly forgot about that because she had so much knowledge of the area. Such a treat to hear from someone who loves this area so much and who told us that this next section of the PCT is "The best section of whole Pacific Crest Trail!" Not the best in Washington, The Best!

That passion and excitement was evident in her stories, and gave us a mental boost that fueled our first day.

While there was no rain we did have threatening skies with active clouds all shades moving and swirling. 
Dramatic skies
The blueberries continued to be so thick, constant, tasty, and plentiful. We surprised ourselves by hiking more miles than anticipated and still found a quiet campsite. A great start to this next section!
Hammocking camping is wonderful in Washington


  1. You met Anish!!!??? That's so cool! What fun! :)

    I too would be nervous to hike with little legs wouldn't keep up!

    Judging by our hike in the Enchantments four years ago I would definitely say that that area is probably the best of the PCT and I haven't been on the PCT!

    1. Yes, we were so delighted to hike with Anish. She is amazingly humble and down-to-earth, generous and kind, and has a deep wisdom about life and appreciation for these mountains and the wildlife. She was affirming of our hike - even though we are section hikers and hiking low miles - funny how that seems to matter less to accomplished hikers. People who really understand what it means to connect with wilderness and the experience of making your own path are rare but a true treasure.

  2. I would love to hike a few miles with Anish! That's really cool.