Friday, January 1, 2010

My Dream

At the Grand Canyon.  Photo by P. Soukup
It has become my dream to do a long-distance hike.  I can't precisely pinpoint when this idea first came to me. It took hold in my mind gradually, and most likely had roots in a lifetime of hiking and camping.  I've spent the last five years hiking every weekend and I always realize that I never wanted to come home after a day on the trail.  I have become captivated with the idea of having a trail beneath my feet that stretches for thousands of miles and the freedom and time to travel along that path.

I've been inspired by meeting incredible women who hiked the AT.  But most importantly, my dream has taken shape after much self-reflection that what I love to do most is to hike, the movement, the connection with the natural world, the calming effect it has on me and how it brings out the very best in me.  I've found that the longer I spend outside, the greater the effect.  I want to discover what will happen, what transformations will take place within me if I hike for months at a time.

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