New Mexico 2016

From January to March of 2016, I worked near Grants, NM and explored the surrounding Four Corners Region.

Continental Divide Trail Hikes
     Chain of Craters Day 1 and Day 2
     CDT: Towards El Calderon
     CDT: Big Tubes to El Calderon
     El Calderon Extended Verision
     Do Cows Bluff Charge?- Bonita Zuni Canyon
     Climbing Mt. Taylor- my highest mileage day ever, but who cares about that, the views were amazing
     Last night (for a while) in New Mexico- sunset over the lava

El Malpais
     Sandstone Bluffs- off-trail exploring and finding natural arches
     The Narrows- gentle trail with views across the lava
     Big Tubes- lava tubes with skylights and graceful lava bridges
     Zuni-Acoma Trail- 8 miles across an ancient path through the lava

Weekend Trips
     Natural Bridges National Monument (UT)
     Bisti Wilderness (NM)
     Red Rock Park (near Gallup, NM)
     Overnight in the Petrified Forest (AZ)
     Off the Beaten Path Hikes in Petrified Forest (AZ)
     Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument (NM)
     Around the Organ Mountains (near Las Cruces, NM)
     Lake Lucero at White Sands National Monument (in 2017)

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