Backpacking Techniques

I have found that techniques matter just as much (and often more so) than having the right gear.   This page provides links to my posts on a variety of hiking and backpacking topics, including several on Leave No Trace principles.

Backpacking techniques
     Finding your own pace- on hiking pace and speed
     Carrying less- first steps in my journey towards a more lightweight pack
     Further steps for going lighterweight- more steps I've taken to reduce pack weight
     Hiking with mosquitoes- tips for how to cope with biting insects
     Hiking while sick- because I don't like staying at home, even when I probably should
     Illustrated Guide to winter hiking -for beginners and dayhikers
     Knee pain- how changing my hiking form and alignment solved my knee problems
     Update on knee pain- An update about the exercises and stretches that helped my knees
     Why I love hammocks- advantages to hammock hanging
     Solo backpacking- about taking that first solo trip, and tips for female solo backpackers
     Stress Fractures: A guide for backpackers- about physical and mental healing
     Footcare basics for the PCT- techniques to treat and prevent problems (on the Gossamer Gear blog)
     Water Skills for the Arizona Trail--how to find water, water systems for high capacity carries
     Joys of Winter Car Camping- car camping and dayhiking as a winter alternative to backpacking
     Major Shakedown Hike- how I prepare for long trips and get mentall ready

Backpacking food
      Going stoveless- why I've switched to no-cook meals
      Beginner's Guide to Going Stoveless- tips and techniques to get you started
      Summer backpacking food favorites- dehydrating food for warm weather
      Winter backpacking food favorites- meals and desserts for the cold
      Food for the PCT - resupply, stoveless favorites, meal planning

Dealing with fears
      ...of grizzly bears
      ...of black bears
      ...of wild boars
      ...of loneliness
      ...of night hiking
      ...for personal safety
       Never fear! We've got umbrellas!--humorous look at how we dealt with fear on the Arizona Trail

Beginner Backpacking Trips
     Classes I've taught for Trail Dames (here, here, here, here)

 Leave No Trace
     Toilet Paper on the AT- please pack it out!
     Alternatives to Campfires- you don't need a fire to enjoy the evening while backpacking
     Footprints on the Roan Highlands- about traveling and camping on durable surfaces
     Thinking about Trash- on the Hike Inn and Approach Trails, and trashed AT shelters
     Stealth Camping for Solo Backpacking- following LNT principles while choosing a campsite
     Wearing Camo- about blending in and choosing inconspicuous colors

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for your post "It's not all about the thru-hike..." and thoughts concerning section hiking.

    My wife and I hope to do the Washington section of the PCT in summer 2019 (I retire in a few weeks, and this summer is already booked with the Canadian Rockies and a long AT section hike). We both will be 65 years old in summer 2019.

    I sort of sub-consciously bought into the thru-hikers are superior to section-hikers thing, perhaps without realizing it. Your post brought this nonsense to the front of my mind, allowing me to confront it head on. I an pretty sure we could never complete the PCT in one season, probably not the AT, either, and it was bothering me.

    But after reading and thinking about your post I am proud that I will be a 65 year-old PCT section hiker. Who knows, maybe we'll get the whole thing done over a couple of years.

    Thanks again.

    Elliott and Betsy Wolin
    Williamsburg, VA

    P.S. G.Jolley did the Washington section at age 70, see his book "Almost There"