West and Southwest

This page has links to places I've hike in the West and Southwestern US.  See this page for my Arizona Trail hike and this page for my New Mexico hikes.

Texas- Big Bend National Park
     Introduction to Big Bend National Park
     Outer Mountain Loop Day 1
     Outer Mountain Loop Day 2
     Outer Mountain Loop Day 3
     More of Big Bend National Park

Texas- Guadalupe Mountain National Park
     Guadalupe Peak and Tejas Backcountry Campsite
     McKittrick Ridge
     Permian Reef Geology Trail

     Canyons of the Ancients National Monument

     Canyonlands National Park - 3 nights in the Needles district
     Comb Ridge
     Cedar Mesa
     Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador Trip to Moab

     Great Basin National Park

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