Arizona Trail 2015

In March of 2015, I section hiked the southernmost 300 miles of the Arizona Trail with Jan.  We went southbound from Superior to Mexico, through passages 1-17.  Check out Jan's blog posts about our trip on Jan's Jaunts.
Reviews, Reflections, and Gear

What to expect on the Arizona Trail--overview of the Arizona Trail backpacking experience
Only Fools Hammock the Arizona Trail--the challenges of hammock camping on the Arizona Trail
Never fear!  We have umbrellas!--humorous look at how we dealt with our (largely unjustified) fears
Water Skills for the Arizona Trail--how to find water, water systems for high capacity carries 
Using a Smartphone for Navigation on the AZT--navigation challenges, GPS on a smartphone 
Arizona Trail Gear--gear list, favorite gear and clothing system 
Gear List for the Arizona Trail

Planning and Preparations

Planning for the Arizona Trail--why I decided to hike the Arizona Trail
Preparations for the Arizona Trail--how I focused planning efforts
Three Days Until the Arizona Trail--last minute decision to hike southbound
Gathering Information on the Arizona Trail--scouting trailheads, learning about history and Arizona

On the Trail

AZT Day 1-South from Superior (Passage 17)--wet from rain, wildflowers and saguaro scenery
AZT Day 2-Gila River (Passage 16)--more wildflowers, lush river valley
AZT Day 3-Passing through Kelvin--beautiful trail and pizza delivery to the trail
AZT Day 4-Tortilla Mountains (Passage 15)--water challenges
AZT Day 5-Freeman Road (Passage 14 and 15)--water caches
AZT Day 6-Black Hills (Passage 14)--water tanks and meeting other backpackers
AZT Day 7-Into Oracle (Passage 14)--the wonderful town of Oracle
AZT Day 8-Slackers in Oracle (Passage 13)--slackpacking through more wildflowers
AZT Day 9-Oracle Ridge--climbing up into the Sky Islands, past the town of Summerhaven
AZT Day 10-Wilderness of Rocks--huge boulders and trees, water-filled canyons
AZT Day 11-Molino Basin (Passage 10)--Catalina Highway resupply, shoe troubles
AZT Day 12-Rincon Mountains (Passage 10)--cruising over rolling hills
AZT Day 13-Saguaro National Park (Passage 9)--incredible diversity
AZT Day 14-Rincon Valley (Passage 8)--La Posta Quemada Ranch, Cienga Creek
AZT Day 15-Past I-10 (Passage 7)--through the desert sea
AZT Day 17-Las Colinas (Passage 6)--joined by Farwalker, getting rain
AZT Day 18-Santa Ritas (Passage 5)--dampness, Kentucky Camp
AZT Day 19-Mt. Wrightson (Passage 4 and 5)--up into the mountains and back down again
AZT Day 20-Patagonia (Passage 4)--roadwalk into town
AZT Day 21-Canelo Hills (Passage 3)--more diverse terrain and water sources
AZT Day 22-To Parker Canyon (Passage 2)--hanging out by the stream
AZT Day 23-Miller Peak Wilderness (Passage 1)--into the gorgeous Huachuca Mountains
AZT Day 24-To Mexico! (Passage 1)--last day on the trail

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