Sunday, April 7, 2013

Yellow Branch Falls

I never feel like going back home after being in the mountains.  Spring wildflower season only makes it worse.  Which is why I go on post-hike hikes.  Those short little rambles on the way home delay the inevitable return to civilization.

On the drive back from backpacking this weekend, I stopped at Yellow Branch Falls near Walhalla, SC for a quick 3 mile round trip hike to the falls.
A clear spring day.  The time of year when the buds of trees are only faintly glowing green, so the bright sun light shines unobstructed all the way to the forest floor, reflecting off the white leaves of tiny spring ephemerals.
Delicate rue-anemone.
Dwarf iris.
50-foot Yellow Branch Falls.
Turning around to head back still wasn't easy, but I was happy to have found another little hike on the way home to visit. 


  1. The dwarf iris are beautiful!

    I can imagine how you feel, not wanting to return. Maybe one day you can live somewhere near the trails, or one out your back door! :) That would be awesome!

  2. You reminded me of the times I've lived at various field stations out in beautiful places. Ah that was the life. Yep, would be awesome to find a home like that.