Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 59. A True Angel

Arizona's good friend Steph met us at Vermillion Valley Resort where we took a much-needed zero day. Steph is a true trail angel- she brought us all sorts of delicious fresh foods and we relaxed and feasted all day. It was so great meeting Steph and sharing stories of our adventures.
Steph and Arizona having breakfast at VVR.
We stayed in a trailer that was the same type as the one our family had when I was a kid- a Holiday Rambler. It was totally retro, and brought back fun childhood memories of camping trips. I was really thrilled.
Staying in a Holiday Rambler trailer.
The food that Steph brought made me feel totally spoiled. It was such a treat to stay in the trailer that had a kitchen. I so miss having a kitchen!!! I got to cook French toast and scrambled eggs. And Arizona made salmon and veggies and salad. Steph made fruit salad with fresh berries which was incredible.
Me and Arizona having a feast.
It was perfect to just sit with my foot up and talk to Steph all day. My foot felt much better and the swelling went down as I iced it and rested. I'm optimistic it will heal ok.

I also decided to reduce my pack weight further by sending some of my gear home with Steph. A lighter pack will help my foot. I left gear I really loved and used every day in the Sierra- my microspikes, my down booties (which I slept in every night for the past 800 miles), my warm mittens (which I wear every morning) and my beloved umbrella which I carry on the exposed areas to stay out of the relentless sun. It makes me nervous to get rid of items I use so often, but they are all things that I know not having won't impact my safety, and I'm willing to suffer some discomfort in an effort to keep my foot happy.

What a fantastic day!!!


  1. So glad your foot is better. You can see that in your face. The one pic of you at Seldon Pass looked like you were in a lot of pain. Hope you continue to heal. Loving your journal

  2. I remember dreaming of a kitchen and baking while on both of my hikes. It was so thrilling to return to the land of surplus and baking when we got back.

    Hope things continue to improve for you!

  3. Great to see you smiling again! Fresh food and rest can work wonders. Keep those feet happy and traveling north.