Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 177- Lakes in Lassen

Day 177, 10/2/14
1354 (Drakesbad) to 1373.5 (Hat Creek)
19.7 miles

Said goodbye to my parents after breakfast at Drakesbad (in Lassen Nat'l Park), and set out again north on the PCT towards Burney Falls State Park. 
Me and my dad.
The climb out of the Warner Valley provided perspective on all the areas we'd seen hiking around Drakesbad.  I could see the hot springs pool at Drakesbad and far up the valley just make out Devil's Kitchen.
Climbing out of the Warner Valley.
 Lassen National Park is known for its geothermal features.  However, the PCT doesn't pass by any more of those.  Instead, it goes to a quiet area of the park past Swan Lake and Upper Twin Lake.  
Silver Lake.
From there, I decided to take the Cluster Lakes Alternate past several more lakes, rather than following the official PCT.  How could I not?!?   This area had been burned only a few years ago, but I still enjoyed seeing all the lakes.
Feather Lake.
After leaving the park, the PCT descended to the cascading Hat Creek, where I am hanging in my hammock between a ponderosa pine and an incense cedar.  Hard to believe after being around all this water today that tomorrow I'll start along the 30 mile waterless stretch known as the Hat Creek Rim.

Note: I'm finishing up my last section before I take a break for winter and finish next year.  I will update the blog when I get back- I want to focus fully on enjoying it.  Will post photos on Instagram.


  1. Enjoy the last parts of your hike. I hate to see it coming to an end for now but I know you'll be back and we can all enjoy the adventure again.

  2. Yes darn it. I have enjoyed these reports. But, I can look forward to next summer.