Sunday, September 20, 2015

Gunsight Pass

A classic overnight backpack in Glacier National Park- Gunsight Pass.  WITH FRIENDS!
Hitchhiking from McDonald Lodge to Jackson Glacier Overlook.
Deadwood Falls.  We hypothesize that they have given the prettiest places in Glacier unattractive names for the purpose of trying to decrease visitation.
One at a time.
Just as we were wondering what makes a glacier different from a snowfield, we meet three volunteers who can answer our question: glacier MOVE, and are greater than 25 acres.
If gale force winds weren’t making us feel unstable enough, remains from a recent snowfall keep us conscious of gravity.
Why are the rocks so many colors?  No geologists showed up to answer this question, unfortunately.  Will need to research geology references for this area.  Anyone have recommendations?
Having trouble fitting all this NATURE into my camera.
"Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower." -Albert Camus
Folded strata of Gunsight Mountain.
Switchbacking down the cirque to Lake Ellen Wilson campsite.
Habituated mountain goats circle our campsite during the night and brush against tents/ tarps, seeking salt from our urine and sweat.
Another camper reported being stalked by goats on his 3 AM trip to the privy.  He joked about it in the morning, but said it wasn’t funny when he was in the pitch dark wearing only his boxer shorts!
Overall, this was a gorgeous hike and I'm delighted to return to Lake Ellen Wilson after my first "failed" attempt to camp here.  Much better this time with friends. 

More on mountain goats
Reading Chadwick's A Beast the Color of Winter, has given me a much better understanding of the goats.

Read Glacier National Park mountain goat action plan here.

Here is another article about the habituated goats in Washington with more about why they are attracted to urine. 

Do your part around habituated goats-- try to pee in the privy, and if not be sure to pee on rocks (to prevent goats from digging up plants).

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