Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rainy day in Glacier

Not many friends hike in the rain.  But Jan is one of those rare hiking buddies that I can count on to have a blast with, no matter what the trail brings.
Jan by McDonald Falls
And today, we meet the rain.  It doesn’t matter.  Jan lights up the darkness of the stormy day with her laughter.
Jan makes me do my Mary Poppins pose. 
Rain makes me want to chase waterfalls and venture deep into cedar forests to find ferns and mosses.  It’s not the dramatic Glacier that is in all the instagram feeds, but we can find the beauty in little things.
From Lake McDonald Lodge parking area, the Avalanche Trail parallels the Going to the Sun Road up to Avalanche.  It’s a trail I’ve never done before due to proximity to traffic.  But this early in the season, with the road closed to cars and the bikers staying away in the rain, nature’s sounds prevail.
Sounds of birds.
The forest feels ancient and peaceful and timeless. It’s much more scenic then I’d imagined, but I think much of the charm is due to everything being so overwhelmingly green in the rain.
Green tunnel.
After 5.6 miles, we are at Avalanche trailhead so we turn around.  On the return trip, we take a detour on the Johns Loop over to McDonald Falls.  The water is spilling over the banks, the thundering sounds of the water are thrilling.  Jan runs out to the edge to take a video. 
Don't fall, Jan.
Clouds doing their swirling thing.
It’s not epic compared to other places in Glacier.  The only charismatic megafauna we spot is a black bear on the road on the way home.  But it’s a sweet day hike through some really majestic forest, and wonderful to see so much water and catch up with Jan in between her many adventures.

Looking down to Lake McDonald.
Date Hiked: April 24, 2016

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  1. Hiking in the rain with a friend is infinitely more fun, especially one like Joan who brings out the best in me. Nothing better!

    I won't forget a recent quote I head that rain always looks worse from the inside. With the right gear I've learned I'm not sugar and don't melt. Love my umbrella!

    There are many places best experienced in the rain. This trail is a good example, they sure made for waterfall and rainbow magic. Also having recently visited the Hoh Rainforest on a sunny day, I could see how it would transform on a misty drippy day.