Monday, October 3, 2016

Day 30- Mount Hood

Day 30- Mount Hood

Oregon Pacific Crest Trail Section G
2106 (Muddy Fork) to 2094 (Timberline Lodge)

"It's always great starting off the morning with not dying," declares Pathfinder.

We high five after our successful crossing of Muddy Fork. The bridge was washed out in 2014. There is a log that neither of liked the look of last night. When I scrambled out on it to check it out without my pack, it felt slippery and the height scared me. So we camped before the crossing so we could be well-rested before figuring out the safest way for us to cross. Good thing we waited because this morning we just splashed our way through the muddy water- the sandy bottom held no surprises and it was only knee deep. So nice to do this together!
Epic fording at 7 AM
The Ramona Falls alternate meanders through mossy forest with more soft easy footing. Its so warm. There is no rain. I marvel at the warmth and sun.
Lovely soft forest paths
Ramona Falls
I hike faster than Pathfinder so on the climbs I set out in front and then wait at the springs. I lay under blue sky with sunlight shining down and just feel the wonderful feeling of not being cold. Because we are not doing many miles there is time to watch a woodpecker fly from tree to tree. I listen to the buzz of insects and try to count how many different types of birdsong I can hear. But mostly I think about warmth and sun. Simple thoughts. Ah warm.

Mount Hood is massive and the rocks are colorful pinks and creamy. 
Sandy River with Hood in the background
Mt Hood
A Forest Service volunteer ranger is near the trailhead and I stop and ask him about all the poop and toilet paper. Turns out he is out here educating visitors about Leave No Trace and proper pooping. The Mount Hood Wilderness gets so much use so is heavily impacted by many pooping visitors. He said that things are improving due to education but there are just so many people. He stressed how important it is to poop at least 100 steps from water, the trail, and campsites and to dig a proper hole.

Renee and I get a bunk room at Timberline Lodge. With all the sorting of food and cleaning and repairing gear, there isn't any time to enjoy the beautiful lodge but hopefully will have a chance tomorrow before or after the much-anticipated breakfast buffet.

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  1. Ahh ! I can't stand nor understand how people can just poop wherever they feel like it and do not take the " leave no trace "practice of at least 50 m away from water source and bury to at least 15cm .When you see the wisps of white paper you know you are nearing people. Very sad. Here in Queensland , Aust.we can still drink without treating , from some of our streams as long as we are remote and high up closer to source. Got to love the rangers.