Monday, July 23, 2012

Bartram Trail- Wallace Branch to Harrison Gap

My out-and-back section hike of the Bartram Trail between Wallace Branch and Harrison Gap was quite hot, since it was lower elevation and along sunnier slopes.  But the wildflowers were still spectacular enough to keep me happy, and the views of the early morning fog in the valley were lovely.
View from William's Pulpit.
North of William's Pulpit, the trail was peaceful and showed little signs of use.  Brush was overtaking the trail, so I wore my DIY gaiters to protect my legs.
Essential gear for this section: Excellent map + gaiters
I'd read that this section is more difficult (lots of P.U.D.'s) and that distances between water sources were great (both true), so I was glad to be doing this as a dayhike in this oppressive heat.  I went down the side trail at Locus Tree Gap #1 to check out the spring there, and it was still flowing a little, which was a good sign even though I didn't need any.

Once again the Bartram Trail lived up to its name, with abundant and diverse flowers.  I was really excited to find ripe mayapple fruits that hadn't already been eaten!  What a treat! 
Fringed orchid
Carolina lily
Mayapple fruit-- the pulp around the seeds is delicious!
For more information and directions for Section 4 of the Bartram Trail in NC click here.

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  1. *must go hike, must go hike* I'm living vicariously through your blog right now and counting down the days until I am in WA state for a week of hiking and exploring!