Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thrilling botanical update: Pawpaw

After searching for several years, I finally found unripe pawpaw fruit in South Carolina.  Pawpaws were always one of my favorite fall delicacies when I lived near DC, but this is the first time I've found fruits here in the southeast.  These lovely little fruits were along the banks of the Chauga River at Chau Ram County Park, where I led a Trail Dames hike last weekend.  I can hardly wait to go back in a few weeks to find out when these delicious native fruits ripen. 
Unripe pawpaw fruits


  1. I love paw paw but have never actually tried them. I'd like to add them to our native plantings in our yard eventually.

  2. They are surprisingly tropical tasting-- like mango crossed with banana mixed with a unique flavor of their own too. Bet they'd look great in your yard-- hope settling into the new place is going well.