Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Resolutions

Looking back at my New Years resolutions from 2012, I realize how much my goals motivated me and shaped my year.  I diligently worked towards my goals, structuring my weekends around them.  I wonder what I could have accomplished if I'd have been brave enough to set more meaningful goals for myself, or if I'd been more open to other opportunities that weren't on my "to do" list.  This year, I'm trying to set resolutions that will take me beyond my comfort zone.

2012 resolutions I kept:
   -Hiked the Foothills Trail.
   -Hiked the Bartram Trail in Georgia.  While I didn't have it on the list, I also completed the Bartram in North Carolina.
   -Found the Oconee Bells.
   -Backpacked 20 miles in a day with a full pack.  This turned out to be easier than I'd expected (i.e. even making 26 miles).  I have since quit obsessing (so much) over mileage.
   -Gave back by teaching LNT/ Leadership- attended Stacy's (Step Outdoors) leadership and LNT trainer course in Colorado.  From the skills I learned, I helped organize and teach a hike leader training for Trail Dames.
   -Practiced "courage" in aerial fabrics class.  Started telling myself "I can do it" rather than "I'm not strong enough". 

2012 resolutions I didn't complete:
  -Hike the Duncan Ridge TrailThere is still a section of this trail I haven't finished yet, due to being scared about driving over FS roads to get to the more remote trailhead, and because I didn't like the parts of the trail that I did do.

2013 resolutions:
   -Stop making excuses about things I want to do, but that I think are scary.  If I can do this in aerial fabrics class, I can try it in the rest of my life.
   -Give back by doing trail maintenance.
   -Get skills (and a plan) for long-distance hiking.  Meet and hike with long-distance hikers.  Figure out how to stop getting cold hands.  Figure out how to overcome fear of not having a job.
   -Let go of arbitrary goals, obsessions over hiking a certain number of miles, "completing" a certain number of trails, and meaningless benchmarks.  Step outside the box.
   -Slow down.  Breathe.  Practice softness.  Be mindful.

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