Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hanging at Raven Cliffs

In keeping my my New Years Resolution to step outside my comfort zone, I went camping at Raven Cliffs, GA with folks from Hammock Forums, an online community of hammock enthusiasts.  My goal was to meet new people and get ideas for my hammock setup.  After I got over my initial nervousness about going on my first "group hang" where I don't know anyone and where I was only one of two women, I ended up having a blast.  They were a very friendly group, highly knowledgeable, and eager to show off their hammocks and answer questions. 

Hanging out around people who make their own gear inspired me to start thinking about new DIY projects.  I would like to start trying to figure out how to sew my own top quilt, redo my tarp rigging, and possibly make my own hammock.  I've also taken a fresh look at my gear list to see how I can reduce my pack weight.

It was also a good change of pace talking to other people who know more than me about gear and hammocks.  I typically go on Trail Dames trips where I act as the leader or "expert", so it was a nice to take a turn in the role of student. 

So far, 2013 seems to be off to a good start!

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