Friday, March 27, 2015

AZT Day 17-Las Colinas

Miles 101.9 (Lakes Road) to 90.2 (FR4064)
Arizona Trail Passage 6
11.7 miles

Took a zero day yesterday in Sierra Vista, where my grandparents live.  Grandma cooked a big pot of stew and had us all over for supper.  Grandpa was having a good day and a few times when he was laughing there was that old sparkle in his eyes and it was like he was back to his old self.  Its scary seeing him going through these changes and I can't imagine what it's like for Mom and Grandma.
Dad dishes up the ice cream after dinner on our zero day.
Farwalker is joining Jan and I for the last 100 miles of our trip. I met Farwalker on the PCT last year, but she didn't know Jan so hope it works out.  Because Jan has a flight reservation, we will be doing lower mileage days because otherwise we will run out of trail.
Now we are three: Farwalker, me, and Jan
Gorgeous scenery with tall golden grasses and oak and juniper savannah. Rolling hills gave way to rocky canyons, with views of talker mountains beyond.
Tall grasses and ocotillo.
Multicolored scat.
Multicolored plants.
After a while, I hiked ahead of Jan and Farwalker and stretched my legs on the climbs. Got going at that pace where my heart gets pumping enough to give me that feeling of being at one with the trail. I zone out and let the landscape seep into me, let the flow calm me. In that state I see birds and textures and caterpillars and we are all part of this amazing living system and I feel like crying.
What beauty!
All day the clouds have been moving and shifting.  Dramatic dark clouds warned of storms ahead. Claps of thunder sounded in the distance.
Approaching storm clouds.
Rain came through and dumped water on us. It rained heavy enough to get my rain coat and rain pants in addition to umbrellas. This cold soaking rain is not at all what you'd expect in Arizona.  But we were happy for it because out here water is life and all this rain fills the springs and coaxes the wildflowers to bloom and all the buds wake up. But then afterwards, everything was damp and cold.
Farwalker with her umbrella.
Rain-soaked mariposa after the sun returned.
After setting up camp, we watched the clouds and huddled around wearing all our clothes, wondering if the rain had passed or if more was coming.
Sheltered spot for my hammock.
I've been in my hammock for an hour already and I'm so cold I still can't feel my toes despite down booties.

Now it's starting to rain again and the patter is soft on the tarp.  I can't believe it's raining this much. Is this really Arizona?


  1. Loving your photographs...the one of the caterpillar is a real beaut!!

    1. Thanks so much, John! Had a blast taking them. :)

  2. I love your pic of the Mariposa in the sunlight, and my envy is showing with your hammock tarp :p

    1. Aww thanks that mariposa was my favorite too!

      Ah the HG cuben fiber tarp in this real tree camo print certainly is a thing of beauty. Never though I'd say that about camo--haha!