Monday, September 26, 2016

Day 22- More ups and downs

Day 22- More ups and downs
Washington PCT Section I
2347.4 to 2322.7 (near Chinook Pass)
24.7 miles

When I get to the Urich Cabin at 7:30 AM, the guy smoking up on porch offers me whisky and says he's going to get the fire going soon. They had a big party last night, just like a few of the nobos warned me about the previous evening (which I why I decided not to go there). The place is packed with sleeping people. I peek in and its dark and dank and I'm so glad I slept alone in the cold wet forest where I could fall asleep at the proper hour which is 7:30 PM when it gets dark and could listen to the sound of raindrops splashing on the tarp instead of snoring and mice.

There is a change in weather and the rain stops. I sit in the sun and dry my feet and think about sitting here forever eating all of my food. But before I do, my feet get cold and I decide I'd better keep hiking or I'll freeze to death.

The PCT gets pretty again here. Or maybe it's always pretty and I just can't see it when I'm too cold and wet.
The cold wind picks up and drives away the fog. I can see all the colors. How can there possibly be so many colors sometimes and not just endless grey? How long will this last?

I get cell service on the ridge and I check the weather forecast and a dark cloud of fear settles over my head again because snow is in the forecast and that makes me afraid and it is getting colder and colder and I am feeling terribly alone.

Weather shifting yet again.
I start to feel hot and then cold and then am soaking in sweat.  Or maybe I'm starting to get sick and its a fever.

But I keep hiking because what else is there?

So is this how it is?
I find a sheltered campsite and start feeling a little better knowing that for at least the night, I will be warm and safe and will deal with tomorrow at a later time. Evenings are hardest because I am so tired and worn out.
A sheltered fortress of protective trees to keep out the wind and cold
 But then while setting up my hammock--- MAJOR PROBLEM OH NO!!!  The hammock ends are starting to tear. Fabric separating from the gathered ends. This is not the small hole from last week.  This is a major catastrophic hole. Not one I can patch or solve. Or at least I think it is cause I can poke my finger through.  What makes something a big problem?  Will it fail and end up with me on the ground?  I realize I have no idea.  What caused it? Could I have set it up too tight the other night?! Oh no I knew I should have replaced my hammock it was showing those signs of wear and I made a mistake and now what can I do its so cold.

So I set up just hovering over the ground with shoes under my head and feel feverish and scared but somehow fall deeply asleep. And somehow it holds through the night so maybe everything isn't as bad as I think it is. 
The hole that is too big to patch with tenacious tape because it extends all the way around. How the threads hold me up all night, I have no idea.  It seems impossible.  But they do.

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  1. Hope you can hang in there. I can really sense the anxiety and how one thing can knock you when tired and cold. You are strong and very resilient.