Thursday, September 15, 2016

Day 10- Sun peaking through holes

Day 10- Washington PCT Section K
2497 to Glacier Creek  (2512)

Morning fog with sun peaking through. Damp with rain. Spirits soar.
A fleeting glimpse of the sun through the fog, Jan climbs through false hellebore and anenome over the pass.
Gorgeous morning climbing Red Pass. High alpine with snow covered peaks appearing and disappearing in clouds.
Clouds rolling over mountains. This peak was only visible for a few moments before it was cloaked again in whiteness.
Spring, summer, and fall happening simultaneously in the high country- monkeyflower, laurel, gentian, daisies, lousewort and gentian  
Jan wants clear skies, warm sun, and wide open view. She is getting frustrated with all the weather we are having. I share that sentiment sometimes, but when the clouds are actively moving around, I love the mystery, the hope and waiting and drama. Will the clouds shift? What do the peaks look like? Watching the holes in clouds reveal huge mountains seems so exciting, even if we can't see them entirely. 

No lakes today so I missed swimming. Streams were running milky with glacial runoff but couldn't find a safe swimming hole where I wouldn't risk being swept away.
Glacial runnoff makes for milky streams
 Discovered a small hole/ snag in the bottom of my hammock while packing this morning. So before setting up camp, I taped the bottom of my hammock with tenacious tape, which I had in my first aid kit. I remember SlowBro showing me the repairs he'd done on his hammock when we met in Kennedy Meadows in 2014. Wish I could remember how long his repairs lasted and if he did anything else besides tape. Oh well, I will just have to try it tonight and hope I don't end up crashing onto the ground tonight. 
Patching my hammock bottom with tape
 My hammock has lasted an incredibly long time for how thin and light the fabric is and I am optimistic about the tape.


  1. Hemlock, That repair lasted all the way to Canada. Tenacious tape inside and out. Had about an inch of tape beyond the tear all the way around. Hope it works for you!

  2. Great! I thought you said it lasted that long- good to know. I just dried it out in town and applied fresh tape where one part came up (humidity?). Randy at Dream Hammocks just offered to send me a new one (great guy!) but I think I'll just keep going with this one if it continues to be stable.

    Thanks again SlowBro!

  3. I love the section from the mid 2480s to the mid 2500s. So many awesome ridge rambles! So many views! I always feel spoiled when I'm up there.