Saturday, September 17, 2016

Day 13- Pika amphitheaters

Day 13- Pika amphitheaters, Washington PCT Section K

2546 (Miners Creek) to 2564 (5 miles to Stehekin)
Look at those glaciers.  The North Cascades have over 300 glaciers, which is more than anywhere else in the US.
Sunshine and no rain all day! Spirits are high, though our bodies are sore and ready for a break.
Bluebird skies
 I spread out my gear in big boulder fields to dry and listen to pikas. They are such fascinating animals. I wonder about their social structure. Are some pikas cheaters that steal the stores from hardworking pikas? Do they share haypiles with family? Why do they live in only certain rockpikes? 

The cliffs are rounded like a pika amphitheater. Their calls echo. Do they favor places like this?

We camped in a warm dry site and the sky is clear for stars. It is one of the first nights we've seen stars.
5 Mile camp

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