Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 147- South from Sierra City

Day 147, 9/2/14
1197 to 1184
12.6 miles

On the drive to Sierra City, I'd just been saying to Steph how I hadn't yet encountered any pesky mosquitoes or biting bugs and hadn't used my head net once. Well I should have held my tongue! The face gnats (that's what etrails calls them- how cool that they get a special mention in this section's trail guide) swarmed as I started up the trail after a quick lunch. I donned my head net after inhaling one of the little buggers. Their annoying buzzing was not conducive to stoping to smell the roses. 
Back to my pre-injury pace for the 3k foot climb. It felt great to fly up the hill and I just kept going until it started to get dark.
The trail here has more deer prints than hiker prints. Only saw one hiker all day- a north bound section hiker who was out of food, so I gave him some extras of mine.
Tucked my hammock into a tight spot above a steep slope where I had an incredible view of the sunset over a lake. Happy to be back on the trail!


  1. That last photos is sublime! I want to drink it all in!

    1. It was such an amazing spot. This whole section was breathtaking.