Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 151: The people that make the difference

Day 151, 9/6/14
1137 (5 Lakes) to 1120 (Richardson Lake)
17 miles

This part of the PCT is fairly accessible to Lake Tahoe and shares tread with the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT).   Lots of people were out on this gorgeous Saturday, and I was fortunate to meet a few really wonderful people.
Early light at 5 Lakes
I enjoyed an extended afternoon rest break talking to Judy and Nancy from Arizona.  They were halfway through their two week hike of the TRT and seemed to be loving every minute of it.

At Richardson Lake, which is assessable by dirt road, an awesome volunteer group called the "White Trash Brigade" was picking up trash into their signature white garbage bags.
White Trash Brigade cleaning up the lake.
The organizer explained that when he was a kid, these lakes were clean and pristine, and now they are getting trashed.  He, his wife and their daughter organize volunteer weekend camping trips to clean up campsites that may be used by a variety of groups including hikers, horseback riders, and jeepers/ carcampers.  They also educate people about litter and were giving out bandanas with Leave No Trace type messages.  What a great idea I sure hope to see more groups in other areas like it.   Go check out their Facebook page.
This bandana would make a great pee rag.
I decided to camp at Richardson Lake.  In the evening, I met two TRT hikers from Portland (dang it, I already forgot their names- sorry).  They'd backpacked extensively and it was really great hanging out with them and hearing about their travels to Nepal and New Zealand.
Lovely Richardson Lake
Once again the great people out here make this adventure on the PCT such a treat.


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  2. This area needs to implement the use of bio toilets like I found on Mt Rainier and in the Enchantments of WA. Didn't care for them but much better than human waste and white butterflies.

    1. Yes, I agree these high use areas would sure benefit from biotoilets or privies.