Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 160- Quiet in Yosemite

Day 160, 9/15/14
999.8 (Cascade Creek) to 983 (Stubblefield Canyon)
16.8 miles

Entered the Yosemite Wilderness.  I didn’t see anyone on the trail all day.  The mind settles into a quietness when you hike all day alone.  I love how it feels.  The stillness.
Before Dorthy Lake Pass.
Over Dorthy Lake Pass.
Alone, I spent even more time near water.  Swimming in lakes.  Staring at reflections.  Listening to streams.  And no one else around.
Dorthy Lake.

Wilmer Lake
So much time spent looking, taking photos.  Not many words.  More soaking it in.
Stubblefield Canyon.
I set up camp in an established campsite in Stubblefield Canyon, near the trail, too exhausted to bother finding a stealth campsite.  I was surprised to see Caveman and Patches join me in camp.  I’d met them in Carson Pass the previous week.  After not talking to anyone else all day, at first I struggled to find words.  But then we were chatting and talking about our days.

Around dusk, a bear wandered near our camp, and it was so fun- he’d never seen a bear before outside the zoo.  He was so captivated, and watched it spellbound.  What a treat to see such enthusiasm in someone else.  The bear wandered off and we didn’t see it again.  The bear canisters were untouched in the morning.
Stubblefield Canyon.

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