Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day 168- Hunters, loggers, and me

Day 168, 9/23/14
1213 to 1236
23 miles

Thick smoke moved in last night.  Woke with an inflamed throat, crusty, puffy eyes.  What was I doing out here in this smoke? What was this smoke doing to my lungs?  Thankfully, as the morning wore on, the winds shifted, the smoke lessened, and breathing became easier.
Smoky sunrise looking down on the Lakes Basin.
Hazy with smoke.
At the A-Tree spring, I met a hunter in a ATV.  He was getting water at the spring too.  We chatted for a bit.  Hunting season doesn't start for another week, but he was out here getting ready.
Sign for the A-Tree springs.
Ridgewalking and the air finally getting more clear.
At mile 1235 when I was going down the road to get water at the end of the day, I ran into some loggers.  I'm embarrassed to say that at first I was reluctant to talk to them- what would I say to loggers, I mean, I love trees it's my trail name after all. But I strive to be open minded and they were just getting off work, so I stopped to talk with them.  Glad I did really nice, hardworking guys.  Covered in even more dirt than me, which made me feel more at ease.  They were the first people I'd seen all day, apart from the hunter.  They offered me a soda and cookies, and we chatted for a while.  They said this was one of the first days the smoke had been bad, that the winds were shifting.  They knew about the PCT since a couple other hikers had come through.  They wanted to know what animals I'd seen and how I get food. I answering their questions and told them my story about seeing a bobcat.

Didn't see any other hikers today, or anyone else for that matter.  Guess the only people in these woods are the hunters, loggers, and me.
Lovely hang site for the night.

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