Monday, September 29, 2014

Day 174- Birthday at Drakesbad

Day 174, 9/29/14
1342 to 1354 (Drakesbad)
12 miles

Crisp air, frost down in the valley. Cold granola for breakfast, like every morning, but for some reason it tasted extra delicious as I ate it in my hammock with the clear view of Lassen Peak in the distance. What a way to start my birthday!

With plenty of time before I'd meet my parents at Drakesbad Guest Ranch, every side trail could be explored. 0.3 miles to Domingo Springs (at a car-accessible campground), to the wonder of gushing, clear spring waters and the awesomeness of trashcans- ah what luxury to not have to haul around the clutter of wrappers and used tp.
Domingo Springs.
Entered Lassen National Park, and took the side trail to Terminal Geyser. The scent hit me first- that wonderful sulfur smell. Then the rising plume of steam, then the bubbling water, the colorful rocks around the fumerole. Incredible!
Terminal Geyser
The next geothermal site was Boiling Springs Lake- a green, 130-degree lake with mud pots spewing and gurgling along the edges.
Boiling Springs Lake.
I was warmly greeted at Drakesbad Guest Ranch.  My parents had already been there and were out looking for me, so the staff offered me tea and scones while I waited.  Really hiker friendly!

My parents drove here from Wisconsin to visit and for a vacation of their own, but I must say it was really special to meet them on my birthday in such an incredible place. Feeling so fortunate and loved.
Me and my Dad.


  1. What camera are you using? Your pictures are terrific!

    1. Thanks! All these photos are taken with my iphone.

  2. How nice . Hope you have a very Happy Birthday . Enjoy .