Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 19. Slackers

277.6 to 266.1 (going south!)

I was still feeling run down this morning.  But the great thing was that Pathfinder, Blue Yonder and I got the opportunity to slackpack today.  It made for a perfect day and I'm feeling better after taking it easy by only hiking 13 miles!  We left some of our gear in our hotel room in Big Bear City and got a shuttle to dayhike.  Steve, Steady's husband (who I met before up at Mission Springs a few days ago), provided rides for us. Thank you Steve!
Cougar Crest Traihead.
We climbed the two mile Cougar Crest Trail to reach mile 277 of the PCT.  The views from the Cougar Crest Trail were outstanding of the lake and fresh snow on the mountains.  We couldn't resist stopping at the cute benches to rest our feet.
Aren't we stylish!
Then we hiked southbound on the PCT for 11.6 miles back to hwy 18 where I left off before the snow storm.
Big Bear Lake in the distance.
There was still snow on the trail and it was absolutely beautiful!!!!  Yay snow!
Blanket of snow.
It was so fun hiking southbound because we got to see all our old friends and meet a ton of other hikers.  We saw Hog who we hadn't seen since our first day on the trail, and I saw Princess that gave me pizza and who was so reassuring at the hostel.
Me and Princess.
It was great to catch up with everyone.  It was also neat because normally hiking north, you can hike all day and see only one or two other people but this gave me a sense of just how many people there are out there.  But since we can roughly move at similar speeds, we never know how many folks are around.  

After the hike, Steve picked us up and he and Steady took us to dinner at Sizzler (all you can eat!). Steady has done the triple crown, and is hiking the PCT for the second time.  How cool!  Thanks again Steve and Steady, it was such a pleasure having dinner with you!
Dinner with Pathfinder, Steady, and Blue Yonder

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