Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 21. Deep Creek Canyon

298 to 218

Deep Creek Canyon was an exceptional place- steep rocky canyon walls and a strong flowing creek lined with trees and willows.  The PCT followed high above the creek. Wildflowers carpeted the canyon slopes.
Deep Creek Canyon
Deep Creek Hot Springs was a busy place, even at 9 in the morning.  I was the only PCT hiker when I arrived to soak my feet- everyone else were locals.
Love these purple flowers.
A few miles down at the Tributary Bridge (painted rainbow colors!), Tom and Jenny were taking a break when I met them. They are caretakers of sorts for the mouth of Deep Creek Canyon- they explained how this area if the canyon is a popular spot and unfortunately gets a lot of trash and graffiti. They come here often to pick up the trash, mud the graffiti, and try to educate people about the canyon and the PCT. They were so knowledgeable and interesting. And generous too- giving me a slice of pizza! They also told me about a hummingbird nest, which I didn't see, but Pathfinder and Blue Yonder got to see it when they met up with Tom and Jenny. It was so wonderful to meet local people who care so much about this beautiful place and who are good stewards of and advocates for this land.
Jenny and Tom care for this section of the PCT.  Thank you!
Later during siesta at the Deep Creek ford, Papa Bear was telling a bunch of us about how last time he hiked the PCT, he had root beer floats a little ways up the trail and that we'd better hurry to get them. The idea of a cold treat seemed unreal-- we'd been hiking through the heat and intense sun--- Papa Bear had to be making this up to torture us. He set out ahead of us. About a mile later, sure enough Papa Bear was sitting there while Coppertone mixed up root beer floats for everyone. Unbelievable!!! Best root beer float ever!!!

Hanging in Grass Valley Creek Canyon (mile 318) watching the hummingbirds buzzing around. What a fabulous day.
Grass Valley Creek Canyon.


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    1. So especially love getting to meet the trail angels in person and getting that connection! Real magic!