Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 20. To Deep Creek Bridge

278 to 298

We finally left Big Bear City after several nights there due to the rescue and snow.  Had a great time and met great people.  Woke up this morning feeling 100%.  Now, I'm hanging in my hammock at the Deep Creek Bridge after a fantastic 21 mile day.
Deep Creek Bridge
We started the previous day from the Cougar Crest Trail at mile 277, so I was faced with a dilemma- hike south 0.8 miles (1.6 out and back) to where I left off before, or skip the 0.8 miles and go north. Some people think it is important to walk every inch of the official trail, others want to do a continuous route (but don't care if it is the official trail or not), while still others skip sections. The "Hike Your Own Hike" philosophy means no way is superior, but the "purists" sometimes tend to have an attitude. I didn't come out here knowing what would be my style, though you will remember that I didn't do the roadwalking detour around Idyllwild.  So I haven't done a continuous route. Obviously I'm not a purists.

But when I got to the trail this morning, I didn't know if I would feel the need to do the extra out and back of those 0.8 miles. Pathfinder made it easy- she said she would watch our packs while we did the out and back. Pathfinder said she wasn't a purist and didn't mind more rest.  So Blue Yonder and I flew down the trail to the Cougar Crest junction, and then ran back again. It felt great not wearing a pack. Ah what lightness!
Skipping down the trail while Pathfinder guards the packs.
When I got back and put on my pack, the weight of it felt good and my legs felt strong. It felt great carrying the pack too! Haha I knew at that point how happy I was just to be on the trail. It didn't really matter which way I was going, or if I was carrying a full pack or no pack. I just wanted to hike.

I'm glad I did the extra out and back cause I got to see a deer and it was fun to fly on the trail, but I don't think it made my hike more valid or better than anyone else's that I hiked it.
Holcomb Creek.
Today was perfect hiking weather and absolutely gorgeous, especially along Holcomb Creek. So lush!  We soaked our feet and frolicked in the snow-melt cold water until our feet were numb.  
Blue Yonder in Holcomb Creek.
We also went through some sunny burn area, but there were pockets of trees throughout, and good water all day long. 

Princess and a few others are camped here at Deep Creek Bridge too, and we passed Lightning Rod and Jordi again. The frogs are calling and I can barely keep my eyes open it's so comfortable being back in my hammock. What a fantastic day!
Awesome hang site under the bridge.

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