Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 22. Long day into Cajon Pass

318 to 342

Hiked 25 miles today. What a long but fun day!
Deep red.
Started off hiking around a dam and Silverwood Lake for what seemed like many miles. Lots of flowers blooming and lizards scurrying about.
So green near the dam.
Then we climbed up and over to Horsethief Canyon where I met Jim (PITA), the fellow hammock hanger who helped me so much via email with my hammock setup for the PCT plus he gave me his info about possible hang sites which has been so valuable.  It was so great to get to talk hammocks with him and finally meet him in person.
Rock formations near Cajon Pass.
We made it all the way to the McDonalds at Cajon Pass where we saw the Fellowship, Ninja Tank, Blue Yonder, and PITA. After a great dinner, some people headed to the hotel but I really wanted to just sleep in my hammock so I'd get a good nights sleep before the big climb tomorrow. So I hiked back here to Crowders Canyon, a mile south. I call these southbound miles my "bonus" miles cause I love hiking the PCT so much I don't want it to end and when I go south I get extra miles.
Flowers near the McDonalds.
In the vacant lot near McDonalds.
Hanging at Crowder's Canyon.
The crickets are chirping and I am going to sleep early so I can get an early start on the climb tomorrow.


  1. I would have totally done the same-sleeping outside beats a hotel room full of other people any day! When camping with a group, I am the one that always wanders off to sleep far away from the crowd :)
    I am really enjoying hearing about your journey!

  2. Thank you for sharing the flowers! I'm a wildfloweraholic :)

  3. I agree with sleeping alone. I get tired of sharing a room with people, especially those that snore and flip through the TV. I love my alone time. Thanks for sharing your journey. It makes me jealous. I would love to hike some of the PCT.