Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 3. Mt. Laguna

12 miles
32 to 44

In the morning, we followed a ribbon of trees along verdant Long Canyon Creek. The sound of flowing water was enchanting and I was awed by the giant trees. A guy from Brooklyn named In the Weeds got his feet muddy scrambling down the bank to get water. Renee and I waited to get water at the "ford" which was more of a step-over-easily. 
Long Canyon Creek.
As we climbed higher, we reached pine forest. We delighted in the dappled shade, watched birds, and enjoyed the pine scents.
Into Mt. Laguna
Today was our first town stop, Mt. Laguna. We saw Lande, Sasquach, Amanda, and a bunch of other people I already forgot their names.  Instead of being social and staying in town, we focused on town chores so we could head back to the trail. I inhaled lunch, got my phone charged, bought groceries and a new pair of socks, rinsed my dirty socks in the sink behind the closed visitors center (photo of Renee and I with our socks in the bathroom sink below), triple checked the water report, and made a plan for the next few days. Phew!  
Washing our socks in the bathroom sink.
Hanging in my hammock now, under a near full moon, listening to the wind. Renee and Susan went on ahead to camp, and I'm here solo.  I'm so happy that I stopped here- I needed the time alone.  Just to sit with my feet up. Time to think, and time to just be here without thinking at all. I must have spent the better part of an hour watching ants crawling on the trees as I ate dinner. 
Another great hang site!
Tomorrow we will meet up again probably at the first water source since I like to hike a bit faster in the AM.  


  1. Great updates so far! It looks beautiful out there! I wasn't expecting daily updates, but it is cool to read as they come in.

    1. I wasn't expecting to do daily updates either, but I've enjoyed writing each evening and sometimes during the siesta. I think I'll have less time later on when I'm doing more miles, but for right now, I'm trying to take it easy and not over do it. So there is lots of extra time and I have way too much energy- still bubbling with excitement. :)

  2. We could meet you in Idylwild if your schedule is somewhat accurate--hope to see you. Barb & Dave

    1. Wow that would be great! Do you have my email or phone number?