Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 26. Detour

22 PCT miles plus 1 extra for the detour
mile 390 to 412

Began the morning with a roadwalk for the old endangered species detour. We hiked 4.9 miles to bypass 4 miles of trail to avoid the habitat of an endangered frog. At 5:30 AM we only saw a few motorcycles and there was a wide shoulder so it wasn't bad. The rest of the detour took us through a campground full of sleeping campers, and then up along a pretty wooded creek.
Coach hiking along the shaded creek.
Hiked all day with Whitewater (gentleman from Lawrenceville, GA) and Coach (retired high school physics teacher).  Hiking with them is great because they hike at a similar pace as me, though a little faster than what I'd been doing so far since I've tried not to overdo it.  They take similar rest breaks and also like to get up early.  Great conversations made the day go by very enjoyably.  I feel so lucky to have found them!
Whitewater and Coach.
At one point we were talking about how none of us knew much about the history of the PCT. A few hours later, we met a couple named Tom and Shelley who are section hikers. Turns out they made a documentary film on the history if the PCT! A few miles down the trail at a road crossing, we discovered they left some trail magic for us with our name on it- water and snacks. How cool! Thank you Tom and Shelley!

The dreaded poodle dog bush was thick the last two miles before camp. It took all my concentration to dodge and duck around it.  Hard hiking but at least it isn't boring!  Sure hope I managed to avoid it.
Through the poodle dog bush.
We are on Pacifico Mountain (6677') and the guys (Coach and Whitewater) are camped on an exposed flat with a view.  Camping in the wind is cold and can keep me awake.  It took me a long time to find anything out of the wind and I had to camp pretty far from everyone else.  I managed to hang across a ravine so I hopefully won't freeze tonight.
A sheltered hang spot.


  1. If you're hiking at your normal pace those guys must be moving along ; )

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I did love this one! Great sleep too!