Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 37. The Heat

22 miles
mile 607.9 to 630.8

Hardest day so far.  A day of extreme temperatures.  A morning so cold that I walked the first 30 minutes in my down parka.  
In my down jacket.
Then the heat of the afternoon was unbearable.  On top of that the water carry was so long (ie the distance between water sources was so far) so I had a heavy 7 liters of water.  My pack was so heavy with the weight.  It's a catch-22 because I sweat more carting the heavy pack but I have to carry more water to stay hydrated when I sweat so much in the heat.

Joined Ninja Tank and Whitewater in the shade of a rock for a siesta.  How surreal to be watching a movie on Whitewater's iPhone as we squeezed into the vanishing shade as the day heated up.  I hadn't anticipated how much I'd drink during a hot siesta or how exhausted I'd feel just lying there baking in the heat.  Ninja put up a tarp but it was still hot under it.  But at least it was safer than being out on the exposed trail.  I was concerned about heat exhaustion and I was in survival mode.  The goal of the day was "not dying."  We joked about the goal of "no more helicopters" and then how maybe a helicopter ride down to Walker Pass might not be a bad idea.  
Me, Ninja Tank, and Whitewater in dwindling shade.
When we ran out of shade, I followed Ninja Tank down a canyon over tricky boulder scrambles to the spring.  So fun/ scary!  Then up the sandy road back to the sandy trail.  Each step felt so difficult sinking into sand.
Sinking sand.
I threw my pack down to Ninja Tank on this rock scramble.
To get to Bird Springs Pass so we'd be in position for the next big climb in the cool of morning the following day, we night hiked until 10 PM.  Beautiful sunset and full moon.  I was so grateful to be hiking with Blue Yonder and it was so very sweet that Whitewater and Ninja Tank waited for us at road crossings.  They are the BEST!!!  
I feel so lucky to be with such great people- they really make it fun (and safer).
Joshua Trees.
MeToo was waiting at the pass and had a hang spot scooped out for me- first hang on a Joshua tree.   It was tough getting to sleep because I was so wired from trying to stay up so late- I'm usually in bed by 8 and wake up at 4 or 5.  So 11 PM felt really tough.  Phew!  At least we made it!


  1. Wow....what a trail of extremes. Glad you've found a good group of folks to hang with. Love seeing the variety of hammock spots you've had.

  2. What a tough day! Stay safe!