Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day 46. Second start from KM

17 miles
704 to 721.7

We escaped the vortex of Kennedy Meadows and headed back up into the Sierra. What a difference three days made. No snow on the ground (yet), and just a few drops of rain. It feels like a different trail compared to the white out conditions and energy-sapping cold and wet we had before we bailed and retreated from the storm back to Kennedy Meadows.
Packs felt heavier with the new gear. Yesterday Slim gave SlowBro, MeToo, Arizona, and I a ride into Lone Pine. I picked up a package with my gortex socks and larger size shoes to fit thicker socks, and pants. I also bought a long underwear top and bottom plus mittens at the outfitter. In town, I saw Blue Yonder who made it out at Cottonwood Pass. She said some other hikers had been stuck in the snow for two nights. Town was full of hikers that had escaped the snow. It made me feel like is made a good decision to turn around when we did.

I'm still nervous about the snow ahead but I feel better prepared. Now I have similar clothes to what I wore for my snow skills class, so hopefully I won't freeze this time. I have a baselayer top, fleece hoodie, down coat, raincoat, and hiking shirt. Plus hiking pants, rain pants, and two pair of leggings that I can layer at night, or hike in one during the day and keep the other dry for sleeping. Though the weather changed so much, I hope it's not overkill.

SlowBro, MeToo, and I stopped early because we are getting up to higher elevations so wanted to stop at this campsite. Though there are trees around, the ones up here are widely spaced giants. Not an easy hang. Took me forever to set up. Next time I might do what SlowBro did and hang from branches of the tree rather than the huge trunk.

Feeling excited about the Sierra!


  1. Still following you all the way from Australia. You are doing so well and so ethically . Go on you and take care .

    1. WOW thanks for the comment and so neat to see someone from Australia. Would love to hike out that way someday. Cheers!

  2. Joan, you are doing awesome! All of the clothes might feel like overkill, but I would probably do the same if I were entering the Sierras so early. Worst case scenario you carry the stuff for a few days and decide it's not necessary and then send it home.

    I'm really enjoying your blog....sorry I haven't commented for a while. That snow storm looked crazy! I don't know if you've gotten a chance to read other people's accounts of it, but another girl I follow (Morgan) has a pretty good one up on her blog

    You are awesome! Happy hiking. -Erin

    1. Glad you agree about the clothes. I just arrived in Lone Pine after exiting Kearsarge Pass, and ended up sending my hiking pants and desert hiking shirt home, but am keeping the long underwear base layer. The nights have been so cold, I no longer think all these layers are overkill- I wear all of them at night.

      Nope, hadn't read other accounts of the snow storm, so thanks so much for the link to Morgan's blog. Excellent to see that!