Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 30. Casa de Luna

23.7 miles
mile 454 to mile 478

Life seemed to be almost too easy today.  Woke up late (ie 6 AM) at Hiker Heaven after a zero yesterday.  Enjoyed a fresh from the oven blueberry muffin at the bakery in Agua Dulce, started section E of the PCT- this part as a reputation for being hot and dry.  Hiked with MeToo (from NorCal) and Whitewater, and caught up with Ninja Tank again.  Interesting conversations with MeToo, and he showed me miner's lettuce, an edible wild plant.
Reaching the crest.
After about 11 miles, we met Tortuga's wife at Bouquet Canyon Road. She had fresh veggies and water- exactly what we hikers crave! She offered to slack-pack us to Casa de Luna, so we put our extra food and stuff into her car and sailed down the trail. What a treat over the hot climbs in the afternoon!
Whitewater, MeToo, me, and |Tortuga
Made it to Casa de Luna- home of the Trail Angels named Jo and Terry Anderson. They are such wonderful people!
The Andersons
I feel much more comfortable here than I have in town in a while- maybe because there are fewer people, or cause we were given Hawaiian shirts to wear, or because this feels like I'm at a friends house.
Taco salad at Casa de Luna.
 Phew- I was so anxious in Agua Dulce but finally chilling out here. Had delicious taco salad, sat around talking, and am now in an awesome camping spot in the manzanita grove behind the house. Nice and quiet back here, unlike Agua Dulce where the horses and dogs kept running around all night. Wish I took my zero here because this is more my type of place. I'd heard this was a "party" house, so I almost didn't come- I don't even hardly drink. But I'm so glad I did stop here. It just feels more relaxed and free. I feel like I fit in better and don't feel so darn socially awkward. And did I mention the trees make it hammocking paradise, and how warm and welcoming the Andersons are!? And tomorrow morning they are making pancakes for breakfast! I absolutely love it here! What an awesome day!
Hanging in the manzanata grove behind Casa de Luna


  1. What a fantastic day you had! Love Miner's Lettuce, I watch for it and add it to my meals. And, what FUN, to have an opportunity to slack pack, to enjoy good company, to find a slice of heaven . . . Loving living vicariously :)

    1. I was so excited to learn about the miner's lettuce. Haven't heard of any other edible plants down here. So quite fun. Thanks for the comments and glad to share the journey with you!

  2. Love your posts Joan. So happy that you are in your element. Look forward to the next miles...

  3. Watched Dusty Camel's PCT video last night and when they came to Casa de Luna I could imagine y'all there at the Hippie Daycare relaxing and having fun.

    1. OMG that's so neat about the video! Yes, it's quite a place and the Hippie Daycare sign made me laugh. Great people for sure.