Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 39. Slushies

8.7 miles
mile 652 (Walker Pass) to mile 660.7

Took a much needed rest day in the town of Ridgecrest with Ninja Tank, Blue Yonder and Me Too. I cannot believe how much better I feel! It was an unplanned stop, but it sure worked out well. We really felt like we'd been transported to some other universe.
On a mission in Ridgecrest to get slushies.
 I had been worn out and drained from the heat and long 20+ mile water carries this past section from Tehachapi to Walker Pass. The other thing about this section was that there were no trail angels with sodas or towns with fresh food.   No taco salads, no ice cream, no root beer floats, no oranges.   It was the first time on the trail where I'd wake up in the middle of the night to a growling stomach.  Where I would frequently crave fresh food with such an intensity.

So after dreaming of cold drinks in the heat and feeling near-dehydrated, we went to a convenience store for one of the most amazing beverages imaginable-- slushies!!! OMG, slushies tasted out of this world. We went back two hours later for seconds!
Me and Ninja Tank.
And I rinsed out the sand from my socks in the sink of the hotel and can not believe how happy my feet feel in cleanish socks. The rest did my feet good too- I got my first blister of the PCT on the back of my heel a few days ago. I know it's from having such a heavy pack and not resting enough, and not giving my feet enough attention. Lesson learned. I know the day of rest did my feet some good.

After filling our bellies, we got a ride from Slim back to Walker Pass in the afternoon. What a contrast to 24 hours ago. My body felt so strong, the miles zipped by. Blue Yonder, MeToo and I were laughing and joking. I could actually notice that the scenery and flowers were spectacular, rather than just staring blankly at the trail like I was doing yesterday. So glad I had a rest!
Blue Yonder on the climb out of Walker Pass.
We climbed up to the saddle of Owens Peak. These mountains are bigger and steeper than ones we'd seen the last few days, and have us very excited about entering the Sierra. It is windy, but I found a tight place far down the slope nestled in some scrub oaks. I'm feeling so happy to have had such a fun and wonderful day, and just so joyful to be out here on the PCT.  Living the dream.
A tight hang on a steep slope at the saddle of Owens Peak.


  1. I am so happy for you Joan. Keep the reports of your adventures comin'.

  2.'ve become a junk food you're a REAL backpacker. :-)