Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 36. Cheeseburgers and grape soda

25.6 miles
mile 583 to 608.9

I realized I wasn't carrying enough water for the heat when I was still 5 miles from the next spring.  5 liters would have been enough if it hadn't been so hot.  My head pounded with a dehydration headache.  I started dreaming of cool mountain streams and ice cold slushies.  I knew I had to just keep hiking cause I needed to get to the next spring which was miles and miles away.
Gorgeous wildflowers in the hot open burn area.
So many colors.
I sipped small amounts of my dwindling water, swishing the water in my mouth to savor each drop.  The blue lupine were everywhere flowering and they smelled like grape soda.  Mmmm with each inhalation of their fruity scent, the desire for a sweet cold snack intensified.  
Fragrant lupine.
I was hungry in addition to being thirsty.  Knowing I only had a half liter of water left, I didn't feel like eating my dry backpacking food.  The mountain chickadees up there were calling "cheese-burger, cheese-burger." Oh how they mocked me and my dreams of fresh food.

Finally we made it to the most beautiful spring at Landers Camp.   I was out of water when I got there- preferring to drink everything I had. I was so happy to fill up my empty bottles in the gorgeous spring.

Everyone was there at the cool camp in the pines- Whitewater, Ninja Tank, MeToo, Blue Yonder, Brent and Lee.  A beautiful trail, but I am learning my lessons about thirst and water.
Hanging at Lander's Camp.

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