Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 33. Into Tehachapi

23 miles
mile 535 to mile 558

A long day of hiking but at least we climbed above the first wind farm and got back into the mountains.
Sunrise over the windfarms
Wildflowers carpeted the hillsides and butterflies danced in the wind. The scents of the flowers were incredible.
Hiking through fields of fragrant wildflowers
We did a more relaxing pace- I think everyone is a bit tired after crossing the Mojave.   It was so nice stopping at the cold flowing spring at Tylerhorse Canyon.
MeToo, Ninja Tank, and Phantom at the spring.
At the road crossing, we got a ride to Tehachapi from Lindy and Julie who moved their biking gear to make room for us. Thank you so much for stopping to pick us up and bring us to town!  Really nice people!

We are taking a zero tomorrow. My feet sure need a rest, though not sure how restful it will be with the long walks to the post office and to the store.  Excited to be getting ready for the next section.

Bonus links:
I finally am at a computer, so I'm adding a link to Whitewater's blog here.  And remember how I hiked with Coach last week?  Well, Coach also has a blog so check it out here.


  1. I've been really surprised at how well you and others have been updating their hiking blogs this season. It is such a difference from 4 years ago with the cell coverage and how many people carry smart phones these days.

    Just seeing the terrain, the PCT appears to be 'easy' least compared to the AT and in regards to ups and downs. I know it really isn't nearly as easy as it looks, hiking beats you up, but it looks a lot friendlier than I'd imagined.

    1. I've been surprised about cell coverage as well. That and accessibility of outlets to charge our phones so I don't have to ration the batteries. Not sure if this will continue into the Sierra though.

      The terrain and the surface of the trail is much, much easier than the AT. I agree with the people that say that 15 miles on the AT feels like 22-25 on the PCT. It's also much easier mentally for me because it's just so darn scenic. On the other hand, I've enjoyed some pretty mild weather overall, so that helps make it feel so comfortable as well. I'd be telling a different story if I were hiking through the heat that has been so hard in the past.